Fire Bowl “VIKING”

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Product description:

This high-quality fire bowl has been produced in Europe. It’s characterized by detailed finishings and a large bowl made of thick steel. The whole structure is very stable and firm. All the elements have been welded to each other; as a result, an incredibly stable product has been created.

The fire bowl is an ideal solution for all those who value safety while lighting fire. The portable fire bowl can be used in many ways. It can be a practical place for lighting a fire, a portable grill, a heat source and a stylish illumination.

The form of the bowl prevents the burning wood from spreading, for example, in case of a strong wind. The hoop welded to the fire bowl makes carrying the product much easier.

Our fire bowls are made of crude steel. Therefore, their color shade can differ from the product presented in the photographs. It is a natural feature of steel and it does not have any negative influence on the functionality or stability of the product.

Technical specifications:

Diameter of Cook King fire bowl60cm/70cm/80cm/100cm
Thickness of Cook King fire bowl2mm
Materialnatural steel

Product application

Style – the Viking fire bowl attracts attention and seems to be particularly light due to the additional hoop and the minimalistic structure of the stand.

 Safety – the deep bowl prevents the fire from escaping even on windy days and thanks to the stand you can be sure that the fire bowl is firmly placed on the ground.

 Functionality – owing to the additional hoop, you can easily and quickly move the fire bowl to any place in your garden.

Compatibility – you can successfully combine the product with our grills and goulash pots.


Our designer

In the case of this project, our aim was to show the true spirit of long excursions, both to distant lands and into the depths of your own self. That is why you can see so much lightness in Viking – you get the impression that you can get up any moment and set off. Taking the fire bowl with you, of course.



Our quality speaks for itself


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