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An interview with Krzysztof Rogala, the originator and designer of the brand Cook King.

Hi! Looking at Cook King products, I have to admit that they are both very stylish and easy to use barbecues, fire bowls and other accessories ideal for hosting a great outdoor party.

I know you are the one behind this. Tell me: How did your design adventure begin?

You know, I started to draw sketches when I was a child and I truly enjoyed that. It always seemed easy to me and I had the impression that paper and pencil are an ideal match for my hand. When I came up with the idea of setting up my own business focused on products made of metal, I knew immediately that I wouldn’t have to look for anyone from outside. I simply relaxed and got down to developing some designs that I had in my mind. When it comes to my personal preferences, I like simple and useful forms and this is what my style is all about. What I create must be pretty, stylish and functional at the same time.

Do you remember your first project? What was it?

Of course, I do! My first design was a fire bowl called Haiti, which has been one of our bestsellers. While designing it, I took inspiration from many sources. Maybe that’s why so many customers like it.

What you are saying is really amazing. And what came next?

Like many beginning entrepreneurs, I first brought 2-3 models to market. It turned out that such products have tremendous potential, so I started dreaming about creating an entire catalog of products.

And today you can say that your dream has come true.
Oh yes. Currently, there are almost 250 models in our catalog.

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How do you feel when you see a product that was brought to existence thanks to a design of yours?

Above all other things I feel I have realized my potential, because I know that the effort I had made, has brought effects and contributed to the overall success of the Cook King brand. Naturally, not all my designs turned out to be successful, but this is what it’s like in life, isn’t it? There have been some models that seemed promising to me, but they were never broadly accepted by the market, which in turn was for me a valuable experience. The designs we have in our present offer are all appreciated by customers.

Do you ever change the design or add anything to it after you’ve had the opportunity to see the final product?

Of course, I do! It’s a part of my work on a project, you can always change something. That’s why I like talking to my customers and asking for their opinion so much, and it is the critical comments that I appreciate most. It allows me to look at a design from a perspective that I haven’t yet considered. Then I’m particularly pleased because I know that the next customers will be even more satisfied thanks to my improvements.

Where do you get your ideas from?

Nowadays you can draw inspiration from a variety of sources because you have easy access to all kinds of travel and information. Personally, I like travel-inspired ideas best. When I’m in a new place, I am more likely to notice a new, interesting form or an unusual application of a product. Whenever I find something interesting, I wonder how I could take advantage of it in the field of my work. You know, with a little imagination you can give a new life to an article of daily use and make use of it in your own project.

And what do you enjoy most in project development?

What I particularly like is the positive energy that is always there when I’m working on a new design. Then I get excited and feel how I’m driven by the thought: Will the new project please our customers? Of course, there is also a bit of uncertainty in it: Does the product correspond to the character of the brand? How will customers react to it? Will it be safe?

I have one more question. Which aspects of a project do you particularly pay attention to?


Thank you for sharing your experiences with us.

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