Product description:

Enjoy the beauty of your garden on our exceptional garden bench made of Corten steel, complemented with a wooden seat. This high-quality bench perfectly combines the solidity and durability of Corten steel with the natural warmth and comfort of a wooden seat.
Corten steel, also known as “weathering” steel, is unique for its ability to form a protective patina layer, which not only shields it from corrosion but also gives it a beautiful, rustic, and timeless finish. This unique feature ensures that our bench becomes even more attractive over the years.

The bench seat is made from selected, high-quality wood, ensuring comfort and longevity. The wood adds warmth and naturalness to the furniture, perfectly blending with the garden scenery.
The bench’s construction is thoughtful and robust, and its design is minimalistic and elegant, allowing it to easily fit into any garden space, regardless of style.

Our Corten steel garden bench with a wooden seat is an excellent choice for those who appreciate durable, functional, and stylish furniture. It’s the perfect place for relaxation, meeting friends, or simply observing the beauty of surrounding nature.

• High-quality craftsmanship
• Durable Corten steel construction
• Natural, wooden seat
• Rustic, timeless design
• Easy to maintain
• Resistant to varying weather conditions
• Comfortable seating

Technical specifications:

Materialcorten steel and natural wood


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