Garden Stove ”FARO”

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Product description:

Our garden stove will help you create an incredible atmosphere both in your garden and during weekend excursions away from home. Thanks to its massive structure made of a thick sheet of metal the stove quickly heats up to high temperatures and simultaneously gives away its warmth to the surroundings; as a result, you can comfortably warm yourself by standing close to it. The edge of the stove has been cut out of a thick sheet of steel by a CNC laser. While making a fire you will see a unique and inimitable glow of fire coming out of the stove and the falling shadow will create a pleasant atmosphere.

The light and the warmth of the stove will determine the central point of your garden and create a unique, cozy atmosphere. A stove corresponding to the decorations of the garden will additionally enrich the area and give it style and elegance.

The whole structure is very stable and firm. All the elements have been welded to each other; as a result, an incredibly stable product has been created.

The stove has a chimney which evacuates gases while using the stove. The presented stove is equipped with a shelf on which a large quantity of wood can be stored. In addition, the shelf protects the ground from high temperature.
The handles welded to the stove make carrying the product much easier.

Technical specifications:

Total height158cm
Thickness of material1,5mm
Materialnatural steel

Product application

The Faro garden stove is intended for outdoor use – you can place it in any open space, for example, in your garden.

 This product is a must-have for all those who love spending their time outdoors, even until late at night. It looks great, is easy to use and excellent at warming the space around itself. Thanks to the handles, you can move it easily.

 It is often purchased both for private purposes and by companies organizing big outdoor events.


Our designer

By introducing rounded lines, we managed to present a more delicate and subtle face of fire. In fact, some people believe that fire seems tamer in this stove.

 We designed Fargo so that you can enjoy the view of fire, however, the most important function of this product is heating and we have to admit that the product admirably copes with this task.



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